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Vierdaagse Nijmegen: Studying Search Engine Friendliness for this Event’s Titles

In my article from 31 May about SEO title tags I referred to our research on optimal titles for search engines. To participate in the discussion on webpage titles with keywords as the semantic and logical center of attention vs. keyword as the first words in the title for creating optimal search engine titles, SYcommerce conducted a research. We found significant positive results for keywords as the first words in the title among Dutch Google traffic. The implications are discussed here and applied on websites for the biggest walking event in the world: De Vierdaagse Nijmegen (The Four Days Marches Nijmegen). This example is not randomly chosen, as the Vierdaagse started this week. And ofcourse, us Nijmegen people are very proud at it 😉

Vierdaagse Nijmegen

So the earlier discussed SEO title formula does hold; it is validated within Dutch Google traffic. Let’s present it one more time and discuss the components:

(total amount of words in title – ((position keyword-1) / amount of positions of keyword )) * 100 / total amount of words in title

The formula implies that it pays off to put your most important keywords in front of your title, put them once in the title and adjust the total number of words in the title to it. By aiming for a 100% keyword-weight in your title, an optimal search engine title is born, according to the formula. Let’s take a look to the Google results for “nijmegen vierdaagse”

Remarkable in this search result is that the website “” deals with a PageRank of 3. While the website “” has PageRank 4. Both sites have more our less identical content and make use of the keywords as stated in the query: Nijmegen vierdaagse. Even, uses both keywords of the query in its URL address. Though, the website “” appears higher on the Google search engine result page, because they reach a 100% keyword-weight in their title for the word “Nijmegen”, vs. a 50% weight for Please note that uses “Nijmegen” twice in their title whereas once is desired for an optimal title.

This example implies that an 100% optimal title for your webpage even outweighs the popularity component PageRank (value between 0-10) of the webpage. It even beats the keywords in the URL address. So, what other SEO variables than the title tag can you nominate that might be of equal importance relative to the impact of keywords in the URL or the PageRank component?