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Hello world,

Our next step in becoming a more or less grown up organization :), our new weblog. Together with Twitter, Facebook, Hyves and YouTube, our weblog is another tool to present our ideas to the world.

Our challenge will be to provide you with a continuous flow of information and ideas. The first issue I would like to trigger is: the Social Media Bubble. Brian de Solis in Mashable is talking about: The Maturation of Social Media ROI, I have my doubts.

In my opinion, we are taking the same risk as in 1999, when the so called Internet Bubble collapsed and caused a lot of troubles. For Social Media the same could be the case. Every one is talking about Twitter and Facebook, people are afraid they will stay behind, so they invest lots of money. I think they will be disappointed about the result, investment lost and not really measurable effects. The following points should be taken into account:

  • Start small
  • Focus: consider using one tool instead of several tools
  • Define your maximum investment
  • Start it as a project (it takes time)
  • Define the outcome you expect
  • Make a relation between investment and outcome (define measurements)
  • Ask your customers about their expectations and their experiences.

If we all consider those points, we will not invest endless amounts of money in a black box and the Social Media Bubble will not show up. Lets hope!

Greetings from SYcommerce,

Jerry van Leeuwen