Digital Strategy

Digital Business Strategy is gathering the fundamental business challenges and determining business growth leading to innovation and profitability.

Getting a common understanding in digital patterns and developments to develop a vision, recognizing digital opportunities, and create client-oriented solutions for the future in the territory of E-Business and D-Commerce.

Despite of your market vertical, clients in all market verticals (B2B and B2C) are digitalizing at an increasingly fast pace. Disruptive digital developments impact all markets and change client expectations and behavior. We provide you with the most recent insights on digital trends that impact your online business.

We support your business to understand the latest digital trends and the impact on doing business. Digital opportunities are widespread, but require customer-focused solutions and adapted business models in order to succeed. Together we build up a balanced digital strategy and characterize the organizational implications based on thorough knowledge about E-Business and D-Commerce.

Digital Organization

The setup of the digital organization within or next to your existing organization influences the achievement and speed of your business development.

Digital transformation is about how organizations can connect their digital performance gap from digital strategy definition to end-to-end digital transformation. Most organizations have gained initial experience in the digital E-Business field. They have eCommerce sites, online shops, apps, performing digital marketing, social media presence and some might have even formulated a digital strategy. Hardly any pure play E-Business companies have accomplished a full digital transformation.

We will help your E-Business organization in building up the correct setup.

Digital Operations

Business modelling, building your D-Commerce strategy, and implementing a full service D-Commerce proposition and the needed organization and capabilities to continuously improve your D-commerce business, so what to take in to account;

D-Commerce Scan & Survey

In order to determine your new D-Commerce strategy a scan is required of your existing solutions or business processes. Based on scientific approach the scan was developed in 2001 in cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam). Our core question: what makes an effective commerce solution? – what leads to conversion and what doesn’t? The result is an instrument that answers that question using marks and tangible insight in the quality of your website.

D-Commerce Logistics

Streamlined logistics can be the key to a great online customer proposition. Moreover, e-fulfillment and logistics make up a large part of the total costs for online sales. Through our knowledge of this playing field and analysis of gross margin after delivery & fulfillment we help organizations build a profitable commerce logistics operation.

D-Commerce Shop Management

Shop management focuses on product services assortment planning, adding new products, and optimizing category performance in your commerce shop. Using techniques such as dynamic product placement, traffic analysis, and product data enrichment, we help our clients to set up processes to continuously optimize their total margin.

D-Commerce Financials

Running a successful digital operation and organization involves re-evaluating your main cost drivers to keep your operation financially viable. Setting up an online operation and fully grasping the financial details, however, can be challenging. We help our clients not only to effectively implement their digital business, but simultaneously make sure the financials are sound and in compliance. Think about the impact of Indirect Tax or the different payment methods linked to your commerce solution.

D-Commerce Analytics & Reporting

“Big data” is only useful when it is actively and constantly turned into information and knowledge. We support organizations in choosing the right KPIs and using relevant business data to build operational and strategic dashboards, leading to calculated decisions on how to develop and steer the organization.

D-Commerce Interfaces

The key to realizing online business improvements and doing so before the competition catches up, is maintaining a high development speed and cooperative business-IT interface. We support our clients in creating the right balance between agility and control based on business-driven prioritization.

D-Commerce Platforms & Implementation

Different e-commerce systems and suppliers exist for each technology, market, and application. Without sufficient knowledge of all technologies it can be hard to decide which are worth investing in – or whether or not you should outsource a solution or develop it in-house. We help organizations to choose the right supplier or system for their specific requirements.

Digital Academy

The Digital Academy, as business knowledge center of SYcommerce, strives to create a lasting impact on society by enhancing digital knowledge and growth. Through our executive masterclasses, development programs, and topic-specific trainings we educate professionals in all industries about online opportunities for their online business.

Learning objectives of the D-Commerce track

The general learning objective of the D-Commerce track is to get a basic understanding of the fundamentals of D-Commerce and being able to communicate on an excellent level with customers of ModusLink

Moreover, the track contains the following specific learning objectives:

  • To be able to describe and explain current D-Commerce practices and developments.
  • To be able to describe and understand relevant D-Commerce fundamentals.
  • To be able to analyze online business models.
  • To understand the basics of B2C, online retailing, including online consumer behavior.
  • To understand online B2B initiatives and B2B terminology.
  • To understand online marketing.
  • To understand the basics of ‘new’ e-business applications like virtual communities, social networks and mobile commerce.
  • To understand online shop optimization, conversion and persuasion.
  • To understand ethical, privacy and payment issues.
  • To be able to apply theory to solve e-business (decision) challenges.

D-Commerce: Introduction to D-Commerce

  • Forms of D-Commerce
  • The impact of D-Commerce
  • Business Models
  • Unique features of D-Commerce Technology
  • Technology: Infrastructure

Workshop 4 hours


D-Commerce: Online Retailing and online consumer behavior

  • Case:
  • Retailing: basics
  • Multi-channel retailing
  • Online consumer behavior
  • Using data

Workshop 4 hours


D-Commerce: B2B

  • An overview of B2B D-Commerce
  • Differences and similarities with B2C
  • The procurement process and supply chains
  • Trends in Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Commerce
  • Net Marketplaces
  • Private Industrial Networks

Workshop 4 hours


D-Commerce: Webshop optimization

  • Road towards website optimization: four building blocks.
  • Website as customer decision-support system.
  • The four building blocks:building-blocks
    • Findability
    • Usability
    • Functionality
    • Stylability

Workshop 8 hours


D-Commerce: Online Marketing

Online Marketing Basics

  • Search engine
  • Affiliate
  • Leadgeneratie
  • Email
  • Display Advertising
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Retargeting
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Analytics

Workshop 16 hours


D-Commerce: Webshop optimization

  • Why Social media, Mobile & Local Marketing
  • Concepts of Social Media, Mobile & Local Marketing for D-Commerce
  • How to take advantage of Social Media, Mobile & Local Marketing for D-Commerce

Workshop 4 hours

Our Approach

Research & Analysis

We determine your digital strategy driven by complementary research through our digital scan & survey approach.


Tangible and targeted advice that supports you to reach your digital strategy

Guidance & Implementation

We guide you throughout the process. From beginning to end, supporting your digital strategy implementation to digital effective operations.