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4 opportunities for improving your municipality website

few weeks ago, we performed our Municipality Webscan to 25 municipalities. The results where terrible. An average score of 45%. We perform the Webscan very often and I can tell you by experience this is a rather disapointing result. In this general discussion I identified 4 opportunities.

E-Mail marketing: calling for creativity

Last week I discussed how to measure emailmarketing activities. I believe measuring is the first step to improvement. We need to measure the current state, change something, and measure again while asking ourselves: what does this do with my conversion? With my registers? With my number of visitors? etc. Once installed we can start being creative! I will start with the registration process. How can we make more of this process?

How to measure your e-mail marketing activities

Chances are high that you, as an online organization, have famous “subscribe now” button on your webpages that let’s visitors subscribe to the (weekly) newsletter. And chances are high that in your newsletter software you can observe all kinds of statistics like ‘clicktroughs’, ‘opens’, ‘bounces’, etc. But what happens next? And how do your customers read your newsletter? How do you measure the return on your e-mail investments?