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Importance of Google Local for hotel marketing managers – Part Three (final)

This is the final post on optimizing your website in local search results with Google Local. In the first part of the series I argumented the importance for hotel marketing managers to take advantage of a good ranking in the local search engine results. I recommended (and still do) to just take the simple step and create your own business listing. In the second part I gave the top 10 tips to optimize your Google Local business listing.

In the third and last part on the importance of Google Local I just want to give you some more tips how you can improve the local findability of your hotel website by optimizing the hotel website itself. Optimizing the website on local keywords has a positive influence on the ranking in Google Local/Maps. So what can you do about it?

1. Put your contact information in the footer of every page and on the contact page

2. Use local keywords in the title tag of your pages (e.g. city, zip code, country)

3. Go linkbuilding: retrieve a lot of incoming links to your website. Preferable from local oriented websites (such as iLocal in the Netherlands).

4. If you get an incoming link, use local keywords in the anchor text in the link to your website

5. Use local keywords in the URL (e.g.

6. Of course, assure that your website is optimized not only on local but on general search ranking! I suggest you read all the weblog posts of my fellow blogger Jop van Sommeren! 🙂

Okay, so now you know why you should focus on local search, how to get there and how to continuously improve your ranking! In the next blogs I’ll leave Google apart and start giving you tips how to achieve a higher conversion rate on your hotel website! So stay tuned! 🙂