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eHospitality: Role of Website Personality on Website Effectiveness

Hello everyone,

In the coming months (years I hope) I will blog about eBusiness opportunities in the hospitality industry. I strongly believe that hotel marketing managers can gain more online sales by addressing website effectiveness factors. A few weeks ago I presented about this topic at the Hotel Website Marketing conference in Amsterdam.

In the presentation (see below) I addressed the five building blocks for an effective (focused on high conversion) hotel website:

  1. accessibility: can the site easily be found in Google?
  2. availability: does the site and pages load fast?
  3. usability: is the site simple to use?
  4. functionality: what functions can the visitor use?
  5. stylability: how does the visitor perceive the online guest experience and brand message?

In the presentation I zoomed in on the fifth factor “Stylability”. I gave a few recommendations to assure that potential guests perceive your hotel website as:

Check out my presentation if you want to learn more about the five building blocks and start increasing your website effectiveness (and online sales) now!

In the next weeks I will elaborate on this presentation and blog more about all five building blocks (so stay tuned!)