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Content Management needs a different approach

Content Management needs a different approach. At first because Content Management is an extremely undervalued aspect. As a matter of fact not many organizations put this highly on their strategic agenda. Off course that starts with the label: “Content Management”. What are you going to manage?  Content? Really?  It sounds too simple and even a bit hilarious. The result is off course content management has no priority at the top of the organization at all. This will be delegated to the supervision of lower management. With the words: “Do not make an issue of it!”. Or “Just hire some copywriters”. And by saying: “I heard that you may be need a SEO-specialist for such a job”.


This is really a large underestimation of the topic of Content Management. It is about not taking serious where your company nowadays is all about. It is about ignoring the strategic importance of the identity of your company. Ignoring the identity of your products or services and the quality of your organization.  This is all much too simple.

Content Management needs a different approach: the core of your strategy

But I will tell you: Content management is the core of your business. At first, it should start at your strategy. And secondly it should be integrated in the hierarchy of your organization. Every part of your company should be busy with the content of your company. Consequently every day and every working hour. You will be asking yourself: “Is he serious?”. The answer is simple: “I am very serious about this”

Online identity is key!

Why? In the coming years products or services without a complete online identity will be invisible and unfindable. And finally non-existent. What means a complete online identity? Not only a product description or some story telling. No that means in fact a translation of the physical organization into a total online and offline coverage. The organization should be finally totally translated into text, images, video’s, sounds, online interaction and offline interaction. So certainly putting your company on another level of operations.

What do you need? Support!

What do you need for this? At first you need support from the CEO. Next to that the acceptance of the CEO. He or she undoubtedly has to realize that Content Management is crucial for the implementation of the strategy. That also means that there is general acceptance that Content Management is indeed a part of your strategy. The understanding that it is above all crucial for supporting the customer. Because every customer is in need for decision support. Not only concerning buying a product or services but without a doubt also how they deal with complaints or how eager they are to contact your organization.

Coming steps

In the next blog, I will elaborate on this with in brief some practical steps. The purpose of this steps will be to integrate Content Management in your organization. That will not be easy especially because: Content Management needs a different approach!