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Avoiding Facebook cookie tracking in Chrome

After the news by Nik Cubrilovic that Facebook keeps tracking cookies after users log out, I decided to make a small extension to remove these cookies automatically. The extension provided in this article is triggered when users visit a website in Google Chrome or Chromium. Once triggered, it will remove all cookies set by Facebook if it detects that you have logged out from it. By removing these cookies, it is no longer easily possible to track you while you browse on other pages on the web. Although the extension is not optimized yet (the code could probably be shorter and execution somewhat faster), the extension has been tested on several machines and it seems to work great.

Download & Installation

As I do not currently own an activated Developer Dashboard for the Chrome Web Store yet (I still have to pay the registration fee, but I am not an active developer for Chrome at the moment ;-)), I have provided download links below so everyone with Google Chrome or Chromium can install the extension without problems. Any improvements, feedback or other suggestions are more than welcome!

Update 13/10/2011
Created a GIT-repository to host the source code and added the link to this article.

Comments (3)

Great extension, but how can we validate if your CRX is spam free 😉 Keep on the good work 😀

That is of course a matter of trusting me. However, since not all people will trust me by just reading this blog (of course they are right by protecting their computers ;-)) I have also linked to the source code of the extension so people can compile the extension themselves.

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