About SYcommerce

“We believe every company and organization can grow, that’s why we use our scientific knowledge to create the best and smart solution strategy and give tangible advice.”

SYcommerce is, as a former spin off of the Vrije Universiteit (VU Amsterdam), perfectly capable to realize this vision, using our scientific tools like the SYcommerce Digital Scan & Survey. We do this by linking our scientific insights to knowledge and action. This will result in the most optimized strategy approach for your Digital business enabling growth.

Our Approach


We determine your digital strategy driven by complementary research through our digital scan & survey approach.


Tangible and targeted advice that supports you to reach your digital strategy

Guidance & Implementation

We guide you throughout the process. From beginning to end, supporting your digital strategy implementation to digital effective operations.

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

For 15 years, SYcommerce has been doing research on how to create a successful website. Based on this research, we created several tools to measure the performance of websites.

Measuring creates focus for your organisation. SYcommerce can tell you exactly what you can do to improve your site, web shop or app. When you are starting to build your new website, we can provide a complete checklist, which can be used to create a solid foundation for your online presence. If you’re changing your existing site, we can do extensive research to discover the bottlenecks, but also the strenghts of the current website. You learn exactly which aspects need adjusting.

Two major subjects SYcommerce always measures are ease of use and functionality. These subject are most important to your site’s visitors. A straightforward and therefore user-friendly website leads to immediate result. Results can come in the form of a higher turnover, or less information requests at your service desk.

“Our research indicates that simplifying purchase decisions for consumers is the number one driver of likelihood to buy”

Patrick Spenner, Corporate Executive Board

The SYcommerce Webscan is our ‘core tool’. We usually combine this tool with additional research. Next to scanning a site for its usability, it’s also of much value to ask the clients straight away what they think.



SYcommerce always concludes its research with direct advice. Subsequently, we often guide the implementation of the advices. SYcommerce not only exists of consultants, but developers and designers also are a part of the team. We don’t just analyse, we’re right out there in the field when it comes to development. We know what we are talking about and how to bring an online project to a succesful ending.

We help you make choices. Does the website need a complete renewal at once, or can the changes be made over a period of time? Which partners do you need to help implementation? What are the goals that need to be reached? The guidance itself can also be done under our supervision.

SYcommerce likes to work and likes to work effectively. We achieve this by keeping the project on a short leash and make sure all communications are clear.

Guidance & Implementation

Guidance & Implementation

At a certain point things need to be done. Based on research and analysis SYcommerce creates a road map to a new or improved site, shop or app. This road map can exist in different shapes and forms. We provide a Functional Design, in which we wireframe all states of the new site, screen by screen. In case of a complex website, we also create a Technical Design. In this document all processes and techniques are described and we explain how they are connected with each other.

We facilitate growth. To achieve this, the complete package of research, guidance and implementation is required. Which means given advice and recommendations need to be translated right away to real life results you can work with. This way the advice becomes real and gives an insight in the steps you have to make in optimization.

When we get to the implementation phase, we translate advice for growth into reality. All implementations are completely executed based on our scientific knowledge, the results from our research and recommendations. Because of this, the implementations are always value for money and you’ll know they will lead to better results.