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A SEO Title Tag Formula That Works?

SEO practitioners agree that the title tag is one of the most important SEO items. If you are interested in SEO, I’m sure you’ve read before about limit the character length to 65 to 70 characters, use branding on the one hand and keyword phrases on the other, seperate those with a divider like “|” or “>”. Such title tag tips or title tag best practices have been often mentioned.

When executing SEO I agree on targeting longer keyword phrases if they’re relevant (note: when you don’t have seperate landingpages for the additional keywords). It can be much more valuable to use: E-Business Consultancy and Internet Advice |, than just: E-Business Consultancy |

A title tag as stated above might be valuable, but it’s dificult to judge if it is an optimal title tag. Following different SEO blogs I found out there is not much consensus about optimal title tags. Especially the discussion of putting the most important keywords in front of the title, or in the centre following a logical searchterm. One who advocates the keywords to be at first in the title tag, follows a formula like below:

(total amount of words in title – ((position keyword-1) / amount of positions of keyword )) * 100 / total amount of words in title

SYcommerce is currently researching this by testing title tags with keywords as the semantic and logical center of attention vs. keyword as the first words. The results will be published here within a few weeks.

Stay tuned 🙂