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7 simple steps to improve your e-mail marketing subject line

Last week I discussed the simple steps to improve your sender name in your e-mail marketing activities. This week I will focus on the much debated e-mail marketing subject line. What should an effective e-mail marketing subject line look like? How can we get those readers to open your e-mails and not send them to the bin?

Read the following 7 simple steps that help you to improve your e-mail marketing subjectline!

  1. Be relevant. As logical as it may sound, many e-mail marketeers forget to be relevant in their e-mail subject lines. Make use of relevant events that uccured that week. Interesting events will trigger people’s attention. During easter, focus on easterdeals, during the first springdays, focus on the springfeeling. But also when your national team won a match during the WCs soccer event, focus your subject line on this.
  2. Personalize! There is a lot of debate online whether to personalize or not. Recent research by GetResponse illustrates that personalized e-mails were opened more, by a rate of 26% and CTR (click through rate) was 130% heigher when subjectlines were personalized.
  3. Watch out for the spam boys! It’s the nightmare for every e-mail marketeer: being seen as SPAM. What can you do to prevent ending up in junk mail..? First of all use an e-mail marketing tool. But you can also influence this yourself with the subjectline. Here are some simple rules of the thumb. Be careful with your wording like “Free” or “Discount”. Also punctuation like ! and $ can trigger spam filters. So be modest in their use. Furthermore, do not use the CAPS LOCK button. This will trigger spam filters.
  4. Start with most important items. People not always read, or (as discussed in the previous blog) can see the whole subject line. That is why all most important words/items should be in the beginning of the subject line! Try to prevent using t0o many words in the subject line.
  5. Use a sense of urgency. It always helps to stimulate people to open the e-mail now. Stimulate this by puting a sense of urgency or action element in your subject line. It helps! Motivate your customer to open the e-mail directly and not put it in the “i-will-read-that-later” box.
  6. Test, test, test, and … test. And here we go again: as no industry is the same and as no customer is the same, we need to test whether what we do achieves the needed goals. We need to test over longer periods of time in order to conclude that our changes do help. Perform tests simultaniously changing only one variable. Only by testing very often you get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.
  7. Let your e-mail be reviewed. Let a testgroup of peers/colleagues test your e-mail and comment on it every time you send out an e-mail. Make sure to start early with creating the e-mail. Too often I see organizations where e-mail newsletters are developed haphazardly. Try to test them thoroughly before you send the e-mails.

Of course I’m also very curious for your experience! Share your knowledge by commenting on this blog!




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