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4 opportunities for improving your municipality website

I can’t find where I need to be“, “Where can I see when to renew my passport?“, “It would be very helpful if i received an e-mail when I need to renew my driving licence“.

A few weeks ago, we performed our Municipality Webscan to 25 municipalities. The results where as expected.. An average score of 45%. We perform the Webscan very often and I can tell you by experience this is a rather disapointing result. In the following general discussion I identify 4 opportunities for municipalities.

Functionalities that almost all municipalities scored extremely low on are discussed here:

  1. Personalization. personalization means that citizens can create profiles on the basis of which content is being selected as being relevant or not. For example if I describe in my profile that am an entrepreneur, this means that I am interested in developments in this field of expertise. E.g. I want to be contacted when legislation changes. It is ironic that this is something that a lot of municipalities do not already use this in the light of increasing number of voices talking about e-participation and involving the citizens.
  2. Customer reviews and community. The same holds for community and customer review. When we want to involve customers. Why don’t we involve them in topics on the website. Why not create a forum of platform in which citizens can be involved in an online municipality community
  3. Product experience. Product experience does not only mean that good photographical material is present on the website but also that the right information is illustrated in the right way, that is relevant to the customer/citizens with clear explanation of the situations in which you will need that specific product.
  4. Points of actions. With points of actions I mean that we there needs to be a point of action on every webpage with e.g. supporting software and contactinformation. This will be especially important for municipality websites as they have a broad targetmarket with less experienced internet users that may need support.

What are opportunities that you find for municipality websites?