25 nov: Designing the perfect webpage

Let me start this blog by stating that the head of this article is, obviously, wrong. There is no such thing as a perfectly designed website. Surely, you can agree with a design, and even think it’s really good looking, but in the end it’s all a matter of taste. But what we can do, is create a design that is very appealing to most of the people, in particular and most important, the target group of the website.

12 okt: A quest for the worlds best viral campaign, my first stop: Heineken at a Donor show.

Last week I started my quest for the worlds best viral campaign. I packed my bags and I am ready to find out what constitutes a good viral. This week I am at my first restpoint where I reflect on my quest: what constitutes a good viral? There are two examples of virals that I remembered clearly that I want to use to demontstrate a first lesson: play with strong emotions.